Some guitars I own

Guitars (that I own or don't)

At about the age of 15 what I wanted was a Jimmy Page sunburst Les Paul standard, or perhaps a gold top (like the one Bolan used from time to time).

Then at about the age of 18 what I wanted was a Charvel Model 6 in pink

Luckily for me a girl I was living with at the time bought me a guitar that was almost exactly like a Model 6, and I still prefer that guitar to any other I've owned or played. Though I've heavily modified it since.

Then at about the age of 35 what I wanted was a PRS Custom 24, so I bought one. Only to realise that I'd have been better with a 513, which I'm working towards owning one day.

Then at about the age of 38 I realised that what I really wanted was a cream japanese Stratocaster. So I bought one.

That has become (after heavy modification) my second favourite guitar but it has all sorts of issues.

How what I realise, is that what I really want is a Guthrie Govan signature model Charvel. I'll probably never even touch one, let alone own one.

Anyway, on the left menu is a list of some guitars I own, or would like to own.