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Crystal Weedon

Before I forget it, I really enjoyed the recent TV adaption of The Casual Vacancy.

As a normal, sane, rational human, and not yet a conscript to the army of the zombie apocalypse, I have had issues with adults ranting about Harry Potter. As an ordinary human I wanted to transfer that contempt onto Rowling herself (guilt by association), but the more I know about the woman the less there is for me to find remiss. Needless to say I didn't read the book in question.

I'm a fan of Simon Mayo (in fact he warrents a blog entry of his own really), and he had Julia McKenzie on his radio show, and they had a lovely interview that piqued my interest in the program which was just about to be aired. Afterall if both Mayo and McKenzie think it's good, it might be good, so I sat down to watch the first episode with some trepidation.

It was a three parter, and the first two were just entertaining really. By and large all of the characters were acted well, I love Keely Hawes anyway because of Ashes to Ashes (something that again warrents it's own blog entry). But the person that stood out for me was a young girl named Abigail Lawrie who played the character Krystal Weedon. Her part (as written by Rowling) was powerful anyway, but she absolutely smashed it (to use the venacular).

The last episode (I suppose the latter chapters of the book) was harrowing in parts. At one point I found myself shouting "oh no, no no" at the television.

A lot of Rowling's social commentry was a bit, erm, twee really. I think she tried to cover too much ground, or perhaps it's just the TV adaption that didn't do it justice. I'll have to read the book, but I won't, it'll just go on a pile with all the other books I 'have to read'.

I think though, that Rowling's portrayal of Crystal's situation was lucid. I'm lucky enough to not move in those circles directly, but I know people who do, or have. I was in hospital once with a lad who was shot in the thigh (broke his femur). I asked him if he knew who'd done it, and he said yes. I asked him if he'd told the police, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. After the conversation I tried to put myself in the situation he was in and wondered what I'd do. In the end I concluded that I should just count my stars.

Anyway back to Simon Mayo. He had Pam Ayres on his show a few months ago, and she recited a stunning poem about being an empty nester. I just can't remember what it's called, but I full on blubbed in my car on the way home. I had tears streaming down my face, I think I even sobbed a bit. Anyway, she was back on his show again the other day, and I've decided that she's a national treasure. Of course I'm behind the curve as usual, she's already an MBE.

Dan Anderson

One of the other things off the tele worthy of a metion at the moment is Fortitude. My theory right now (about episode 6 or 7) is the simple one you're prompted to derive. Something they dug out of the permafrost is causing psychosis in those that touch it. But it'll probably turn out that someone is behind it all.

I love Richard Dormer's character, whom I'm I supposing is meant to be Norwegian. His facial expressions remind me of Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad (yet another blogworthy thing). They both have a great line in contemptuous sneering.

I suppose that leads me on to Better Call Saul. I watched the first episode the other day, and I really enjoyed it. It seemed to move slightly slower than Breaking Bad, but I think the tempo is perfect. A lovely scene for those who've seen Breaking Bad is the moment that Saul tries to grab Mike. The initiated will know that Mike is not the sort of person you want to get into a fight with (to say the least).

Anyway.. that's enough TV tat for today.