Recent Blog Posts

These are some hastily constructed, and probably ill-conceived missives that for some reason I’ve decided to share with the world. These blog posts are intended for light amusement, and in no way reflect the opinions of anyone associated with me. For example these blog posts do not reflect the opinions of my employer, my neighbour, my neighbour’s cat, the man I met on the bus who knew a lot about power tools, or ANYONE else.

Town Called Malice – The Jam

As socialist anthems go, it’s no “design for life”, and it’s not quite ‘Imagine’, but you know. It’s perfunctory.

Gold – Spandau Ballet

Contains highly encoded conversation of gratuitous sex acts. But, so does every other song ever written by a bloke..

West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys

When Ian Dury wanted to say ‘everywhere’ he said from Milan to Yukatan. Neil and Chris go with Lake Geneva to the Finland Station. But..…

Parklife – Blur

It’s not about your Vorsprung Durch Technic you know..

Girls And Boys – Blur

Girls who are boys who do boys like they’re.. doh.. I think it’s girls here, or was it boys!!… dammit.. start again!

Come Back And Stay – Paul Young

Come Back And Stay – Paul Young. You start jamming it, and then 3 days later you realise you haven’t eaten.

Girls On Film – Duran Duran

I suppose Simon LeBon must have spent a lot of time watching Yasmin Bleeth doing fashion shows…


Some t-shirts I’ve designed, because I couldn’t find one already made.


An afternoon messing about in Java to create patterns in prime numbers.

Night Boat To Cairo

Night Boat To Cairo. A song in a bizarre key, with great lyrics and an unrelenting upbeat groove.

Java Heap Analysis

A short piece of code which can help to find memory leaks.

too much too young

Remember girls, don’t get thissen knocked up! Leave it till you’re staring the down the barrel of the menopause, that’s the sensible thing to do.